Near By Attraction

Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda

Nyaung Shwe Market is 5-day market, opened only on every 5th day, is very interesting spot for tourists. Women from various hill tribes who live in the Inlay region come to sell their home crafts, products, fruits and vegetables in this market.

Nga Phe Chaung Monastery

It is well known as Jumping Cat’s Monastery and just 2 minutes from ananta inlay. Wooden monastery on stilts over the lake, built four years before Mandalay Palace. It has a collection of Buddha images in Shan style, Tibetan, Bagan and Inwa style.

Inn Paw Kon, Silk weaving factory

The Lake Inle cottage industry workshops such as silk & lotus fabric weaving with wooden handlooms at “Inn-Paw- Kone” Village and it is about 15 minutes from Ananta Inle. The village of In Paw Khon is a stop on most sightseeing tours and home to a vibrant weaving community. A unique fabric from the lotus plant fibers is produced only at Inlay Lake and is used for weaving special robes for Buddha images called kya thingahn (lotus robe). Among its specialties are lotus and silk blend scarves, silkikat fabrics in various colors and patterns, and traditional Shan clothing, including longyis (the Burmese skirt) and fisherman pants worn by the distinctive “leg-rowing” fishermen of Inlay Lake.

Nam Pan Village

Nam Pan Village locates just before to Silk village. Making of cheroots, workshops of the boat carpenters are the interesting sites in that village. Besides, you will see the location and the style of the houses built on stilts as though we can call it Venice of the East.

Ywa Ma Village (or) Floating Market

It is about 10 minutes from the resort and one of the five-day markets, this floating market is in Ywa Ma Village. Popular products here are Shan bags, gold and silver wares, which are produced in the village.

Mine Tauk Village and Forest Monastery

About an hour walk or 20 minutes drive by boat from the resort to get to the village. There is a meditation monastery on the top of the small hill and it is also a center now for young novices. The panoramic view of the lake can be seen from there. It takes 45 minutes walk from the village to the monastery. At lunch time, around 10:30 am, you can see the monks’ disciplined way of having their food. On the way to the monastery you will pass-by a nursery school and orphanage residence.

Inndain Pagodas Complex

On the western shore of Inlay Lake and about 45 minutes by boat from the resort. It is in ruins covered by trees and bushes which as supposed to be old about over 700 years. Best seen is in the early morning light as the sun rises above the hills on the eastern shore and a short walk through the village to the covered colonnade walkway to the temple hill. . Indein village has a 5 day market which travelers can visit and each year the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival comes to Indein Village. The Indein Pagoda Festival is also celebrated every year.

Excursion to Sagar

It was formerly located on the hills, but after the construction of the water supply, the village was moved and the temples are still remained there. There are hundreds of Buddha Images in sitting, standing & reclining positions, which are supposed to be over seven hundred years old. When we take the boat excursion towards Sagar, the landscapes on the way make emotions and delights to be there. It can be done day return trip by boat from Inlay Lake, which will take approximately 2 and half hours from Ananta Inlay. There is a monastery nearby where we can have a picnic lunch with typical foods.